Our Booking PolicyWelcome! New dog consult $520-$560. New cat consult $350-$380. Non-refundable $150 fee required to book new appointment. TELEHEALTH RECHECKS ARE ONLY for PATIENTS SEEN AT OUR OFFICE in the PREVIOUS 6 MONTHS! Contact us to make any changes. Thank you



Office Visit, New Cat Patient

. Duration:2 hrs·

Office Visit, New Dog Patient

. Duration:2 hrs·

Office Visit, New Exotic Patient

. Duration:2 hrs·

6-Month Recheck, Office visit

. Duration:1 hr·

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Veterinary Behavior Consultants offers behavior counseling and medication management for a variety of pets and problems.

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56 reviews
  • Tiziana Rodriguez·

    Dr Lynne is amazing , she listened to all our concerns , she was nice and has so much knowledge that it really impressed me, beside that Romeo love her. I would reccomend her practice to anybody that have behavioral issues with their pups or pets. She is the best .

  • Jeanne Lehmann·

    Dr Lynne is fabulous, extremely knowledgeable and so compassionate. We have had great success with our rescue dog and learned how to help her through her many issues esp with her anxiety. We are on the right road thanks to Dr Lynne.

  • Spencer·

    Dr. Seibert has worked with two of our dogs and has helped both immensely. Because we have three dogs at various stages of aging (and with various personality neuroses), developing a treatment plan for our pets is a little like playing Jenga. Dr. Seibert's gentle demeanor and considerable expertise win the day!

  • Sam O.·

    Dr. Seibert is fabulous with the work she does for SO many people and animals. She has changed so many lives and we are lucky to have her as a resource for the animal community.

  • Sharon Nath·

    Thank you Dr. Seibert for sharing your knowledge and supporting your peers. In turn, we are hopefully making a positive difference in our patient's lives.

  • Mark & Anna Bouzyk·

    Dr. Seibert was simply amazing! Before the consult I had no hope for our dogs fear and antisocial behaviour . The consult was dizzy and changed our minds 100%! So lucky to have her and team in our network. Wow!

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