Office Visit, New Cat Patient

. Duration:2 hrs·

Office Visit, New Dog Patient

. Duration:2 hrs·

Office Visit, New Exotic Patient

. Duration:2 hrs·

6-Month Recheck, Office visit

. Duration:1 hr·

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Veterinary Behavior Consultants offers behavior counseling and medication management for a variety of pets and problems.

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51 reviews
  • Sharon Nath·

    Thank you Dr. Seibert for sharing your knowledge and supporting your peers. In turn, we are hopefully making a positive difference in our patient's lives.

  • Mark & Anna Bouzyk·

    Dr. Seibert was simply amazing! Before the consult I had no hope for our dogs fear and antisocial behaviour . The consult was dizzy and changed our minds 100%! So lucky to have her and team in our network. Wow!

  • Tessa·

    Dr. Seibert is thorough, patient, and wise. She was able to get to the root of my geriatric dog's sudden aggression. We have a step-wise plan in place that I'm looking forward to getting started on. Additionally, I learned all about the intricacies of a a dogs body language and how to determine their mood. I'm so happy I saw her!

  • Maria R·

    Dr Seibert is absolutely awesome. Very knowledgeable, professional and super patience. Explain everything in a way we can understand well. Great office too, all immaculate clean and organized. I recommend her to everyone!

  • Kari Dudley·

    Great experience. Dr. Seibert is patient and professional. She puts both humans and dog alike at ease. Looking forward to a successful relationship with my dog.

  • Sharon·

    Dr. Seibert is incredible! She is generous with her time and knowledge and as a veterinary professional myself, I appreciate her so much!

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